Beware of dDesign by P. A. STARKL KG


This person is a scammer. He purchased a soundset from me, filed a Paypal dispute immediately and then downloaded the soundset. He evaded all communication thru Paypal resolution center. Of course, Paypal always goes to favor of the buyer, hence how he got his money via a scam.

Here is his full address:
dDesign by P. A. STARKL KG
Mooswiesengasse 21 Haus 1
1140 Wien

T: +43 664 192 81 81
F: +43 1 406 999 415

I am also submitting evidence so that you can see that he: 1)downloaded the file. 2) Paypal then refunded his payment.

Download confirmation from Aug 25:

Screenshot from 2016-09-01 09-56-10

Paypal refund from Aug 31:

Screenshot from 2016-09-01 09-55-31



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  1. Distressor

    Exactly the same happened to me with a Microwave card i sold on ebay to someone in Switzerland. The buyer payed with paypal and i shipped the card. After he got it he copied it left negative feedback and reclaimed his money from paypal. I got the card back but he kept the cards envelope and manual. I talked to ebay and paypal but there was nothing i could do. The world really is full of a$$holes.

  2. Joe

    That’s terrible Paypal, even with evidence…

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