Casio CZ-230 soundset for CZ-1


With a help of my good old Atari 1040STF and a program called CZDroid I’ve managed to upload 7 banks each containing 16 patches originating from the little known Casio CZ230 synthesizer. And then repack the whole thing for the CZ-1 series. CZ-230 is actually based on the legendary CZ-101 engine. It came with 100 presets and these are now available for you to enjoy on your CZ-1. Trivia: Casio CZ230 was used by Vince Clarke (Erasure) on the ‘Wonderland’ album. He in fact had several of those stacked on top of each other.

Patch listing
I should point out there are two SYX banks since CZ-1 can hold only 64 patches. You will therefore need to load each bank separately.

Filename: CZ230A.syx

Filename: CZ230B.syx

Simply load it into Midi-ox software, go to the synth, press the MIDI/ON button (top left corner) then press MIDI button located left off the display, press PAGE UP and press the up arrow to have following setting on the display: SYSTEM EXCLUSIVE TONE DATA=ENA. Press Send SysEx in Midi-ox and watch the light show on your Casio until all the patches are loaded in.


vinceclarke.l cz230

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  1. Peter Kadar

    This is amazing Don, thank you!!

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