Roland TR-606 (samples)


I built this set because i was not satisfied with existing 606 sets. They sounded not so much like the real 606 – probably too much processing & stuff. This set is exactly as it is, 100% identical original sound.

Recording path: straight TR-606 -> A/D
Recording specs: 44100kHz/24bit/mono
Processing: None
Normalized: Yes
Sliced: Yes
Number of samples: 28
Size: 3,30 MB (3.469.844 bytes)

There is some difference on how 606 will sound depending how much you drive its mixing (output) stage. That’s why i included two sets in here:

  • Normal – TR-606’s output volume was set at medium position for more transparent sound.
  • Max – These were recorded at TR-606’s max volume, thus producing a bit of (intentional) saturation in 606’s mixer circuit.

I also included the accent option, which somehow makes 4 sets total. Thanks to Gearslutz member Justynfromnz who sold me his TR-606 in Sept 2009. Unfortunately (due to lack of funds) i had to sell the unit about one month later. This set is all that remains.

Download from Gearslutz forum:

Comments (2)

  1. Alex

    Thanks for the sound of the TR606.
    I haved it when I am young.
    I had keep a good mind
    But there is a sound that I would like to have,
    this is the openHat and the HatClose in same the time (with and without acc)
    it is possible for you?

  2. col

    Thanks for these!
    Nice implant to my rytm

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