Korg X5D Drums (samples)

Sampled straight from the Korg X5D with effects disabled, full open filter and amp envelope set to 0 attack, 0 decay, max sustain, 0 release. This set is exactly as it is, 100% identical original sound. This kit also includes some of the Korg “effect samples” such as lore, gliss, flutter etc since they can be selected for a drum set as well. These are looped exactly as original ROM waves.

To all the techno heads: Some cool 808 and 909 samples in here! This synth was advertised with “smells like teen spirit” slogan back in 1995 with some young dude drinking energy drink and wearing some old school-like clothes.

Recording path: Korg X5D -> A/D
Recording specs: 44100Hz/24bit/mono
Processing: None
Normalized: Yes
Sliced: Yes
Number of samples: 152
Size: 8,81 MB (9.241.262 bytes)

Since this set features a lot of samples (too much to fit average keyboard range) it has been split into two banks titled Korg X5D Kit1 and Korg X5D Kit2 each with 76 samples.

Download: Download multiple files from – send big files the easy way

EDIT: Sorry this set is no longer avail for download. Probably because the interest was low and no one downloaded it for long time. The automatically removed it. So, better luck next time (be faster) when i submit freeware samples. 😉

Comments (10)

  1. marcus

    hi, i do the same with the rest of the instruments, many years ago, and I realize that some are to short to loop, do you know were I can download thes multisamples without any parameter of synthesys

  2. Andrew

    Hey man, they’re no longer up!

    Can you re-upload please?


    • Don Solaris

      Sorry i don’t have it. If no longer avail for download that means the interest was low and no one downloaded it for long time. Perhaps if someone who downloaded it on time could share with you.

  3. PTV

    I still have it (with custom SFZ mapping), you can download (for now) from here:

  4. Robson

    Thanks, Don Solaris. Nice kits!

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