Casio CZ-230 soundset for CZ-1


With a help of my good old Atari 1040STF and a program called CZDroid I’ve managed to upload 7 banks each containing 16 patches originating from the little known Casio CZ230 synthesizer. And then repack the whole thing for the CZ-1 series. CZ-230 is actually based on the legendary CZ-101 engine. It came with 100 presets and these are now available for you to enjoy on your CZ-1. Trivia: Casio CZ230 was used by Vince Clarke (Erasure) on the ‘Wonderland’ album. He in fact had several of those stacked on top of each other.

Patch listing
I should point out there are two SYX banks since CZ-1 can hold only 64 patches. You will therefore need to load each bank separately.

Filename: CZ230A.syx

Filename: CZ230B.syx

Simply load it into Midi-ox software, go to the synth, press the MIDI/ON button (top left corner) then press MIDI button located left off the display, press PAGE UP and press the up arrow to have following setting on the display: SYSTEM EXCLUSIVE TONE DATA=ENA. Press Send SysEx in Midi-ox and watch the light show on your Casio until all the patches are loaded in.


vinceclarke.l cz230

Comments (4)

  1. Peter Kadar

    This is amazing Don, thank you!!

  2. Flavour

    First of the photographs are not CZ-230. They all are CZ-101 😉

  3. Ha I was trying to figure out how to transfer patches from my 230S to my 101. This does hot help but is really cool,

  4. claudio

    I would love to have the schematics stuff to fix my 230s. :/ Thanks a lot.

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