Roland TR-606 (samples)


I built this set because i was not satisfied with existing 606 sets. They sounded not so much like the real 606 – probably too much processing & stuff. This set is exactly as it is, 100% identical original sound.

Recording path: straight TR-606 -> A/D
Recording specs: 44100kHz/24bit/mono
Processing: None
Normalized: Yes
Sliced: Yes
Number of samples: 28
Size: 3,30 MB (3.469.844 bytes)

There is some difference on how 606 will sound depending how much you drive its mixing (output) stage. That’s why i included two sets in here:

  • Normal – TR-606’s output volume was set at medium position for more transparent sound.
  • Max – These were recorded at TR-606’s max volume, thus producing a bit of (intentional) saturation in 606’s mixer circuit.

I also included the accent option, which somehow makes 4 sets total. Thanks to Gearslutz member Justynfromnz who sold me his TR-606 in Sept 2009. Unfortunately (due to lack of funds) i had to sell the unit about one month later. This set is all that remains.

Download from Gearslutz forum:

Comments (4)

  1. Alex

    Thanks for the sound of the TR606.
    I haved it when I am young.
    I had keep a good mind
    But there is a sound that I would like to have,
    this is the openHat and the HatClose in same the time (with and without acc)
    it is possible for you?

  2. Ken B

    Thank you my friend !

  3. col

    Thanks for these!
    Nice implant to my rytm

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