Roland V-Synth “Analog Update” Soundset

Compatible with: V-Synth (os2.0), V-Synth XT, V-Synth GT.

Before I start: If you’re looking for pianos, rhodes, clavis, saxophones, brass, harmonicas or a lucky man preset, you’re not going to find them in this set, that’s for sure. 🙂

This soundset is a mixture of some analog style, classic digital and atmospheric patches. If you have seen my Waldorf Blofeld demo, essentially it is these type of sounds. I have made a demo as I believe the patches will speak for themselves. The fastest way to see everything in the demo is to pick a day and dedicate 40 minutes for the whole thing. Because if you plan to constantly jump over the Youtube progress bar trying to grab as much as possible in least amount of time, you will miss a lot of cool patches and in the end it might even take you longer than what the actual demo lasts! So, calm down, sit back, relax and enjoy the demo from start to finish! I recommend watching it in full screen:

If the video won’t open follow this link:

How to install
Obviously the best way to learn is to look into the manual. But if you don’t have time for that I have prepared a small guideline instruction video. Please note this video refers to all three possible scenarios: 1) stock unit without the PCMCIA adapter and CF card; 2) unit with the CF card; 3) V-Synth GT. IMPORTANT: before installing this soundset please BACKUP all of your personal pathces to a safe location so that you can restore them later. As of the factory presets, don’t worry you can always restore the factory presets from the menu. If you work without the CF card, DON’T FORGET TO POWER OFF/ON V-SYNTH in order to “get” the soundset, else it might seem the unit still has the old patches. Please click the fullscreen option as otherwise you might not be able to see all the details. Here is the installation video below.

If the video won’t open follow this link:

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How to upload patches into your synth: Please read here.

V-Synth Analog Update
33.00 EUR