Clients list:
– Ilija Rudman Studio / Imogen Records
– Waldorf Music GmbH
– Clavia DMI AB
– Madrona Labs
– Wave Alchemy
– Plugin Boutique
– Loopmasters

Don Solaris is a long time synth enthusiast, sound designer and programmer. He moderates one of the largest music communities online called where musicians, producers and sound designers meet to discuss music gear and production techniques. He wrote technical articles and synth reviews on once legendary web site called Sealed’s ¬†Obsessed with gear he devotes most of his time programming and designing new sounds. He works with synth manufacturers as well in patch designing / sample material. Life motto: You can never have enough gear.


Analogue Synthesizers:
Roland Jupiter 8
Roland Juno-60
Roland SH-2
Roland SH-3a
Roland SH-5
Roland MKS-50
Roland MKS-70
Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter
Oberheim OB-X
Oberheim OB-8
Oberheim OB-1
SCI Prophet 5 (rev3.3)
SCI Pro One
Korg MS-20
Korg MonoPoly
Korg Trident MkI
ARP Omni 2
ARP Odyssey 2800
Moog Voyager OS
Alesis Andromeda A6
Yamaha CS-15
Yamaha CS-30
Logan String Ensemble II
Waldorf Pulse+
Formant Modular

Hybrid Synthesizers:
DSI Poly Evolver
SCI Prophet VS
SCI Prophet 2002
Waldorf Microwave rev A
Kawai K3m
Ensoniq ESQ-1
Ensoniq ESQ-m upgraded to ESQ-80m (custom)
Dynacord ADD One + Drive

Digital Synthesizers:
Roland V-Synth XT
Roland JV-1080
Roland JD-990
Roland D-550
Roland U-220
Roland D-70
Waldorf XT
Yamaha TX81Z
Yamaha TG-500
Yamaha DX-7 IIFD
Korg 01 R/W
Korg Wavestation A/D
Korg N1r
Korg X5DR
Kawai K1rII
Kawai K5000R
Kurzweil K2600R
Ensoniq SQR+
Ensoniq TS-10
E-MU UltraProteus

E-MU Emulator II+
E-MU E5000
Ensoniq ASR-10
AKAI S1100
AKAI Renaissance
Roland S-550
Roland S-770
Yamaha TX16W

Roland MC-300 MkII
Kawai Q-80 EX
Yamaha RS-7000
Yamaha QX-3

Digital Outboard:
Ursa Major Space Station
Ursa Major 8×32
Eventide H-3500 DFX
Sony DPS R-7
Alesis Midiverb I
Alesis Midiverb II
Ensoniq DP-4+
Yamaha REV-7
Zoom 9200
Zoom 9010
Boss PH-3 Digital Phaser
Dynacord DRP-20 Digital Reverb
Boss DE-200 delay (modified for line levels)

Analogue Outboard:
ADR Parametric EQ
Roland Space Echo SE-501
Roland SVC-350 Vocoder
Dynacord TAM-21 Time Axis Manipulation System
Dynacord VRS-23 Vertical Reverberation System
Boss CE-300 Analogue Chorus (modified for line levels)
Klark Teknik DN-34 Analogue Time Processor
WSW / Siemens germanium based preamp (1959)
WSW single channel from the “black” console (early 60’s)
Electro Harmonix tube preamp

ADR Scamp Rack x 4
Drawmer DL-251
Solid State Logic G series (API thrust mod)
Aphex 661 Compressor

Recording & Mixers:
Ensoniq PARIS 24ch analog + 24ch digital
Nakamichi 600 high end vintage tape recorder
Soundcraft Spirit Studio 24 ch
Ramsa WRS-4424
Mackie CR-1604