Roland JD-990 Patches Soundset


Well here it is. You asked for it. All the sounds from the good old JD-990 demo from (later to be uploaded to youtube), are now available for purchase in standard SYX format, ready to be uploaded to JD-990. This set contains 64 custom patches programmed by Don Solaris. Second set is in the working, though I’m testing the grounds with the first set.  If this set appears anywhere “shared” or on warez sites, there won’t be second set, that’s for sure. By purchasing it you’re supporting me to build more.

Patch list

Notice: Once loaded into JD-990 these patches will be labeled I-xx, ie. I-11, I-12, etc.

More demos:
Going a bit deeper into the synthesis of JD-990 by synthesizing a human voice and some other cool sounds:

Here is one multi tracked demo (drums were synthesized on JD as well):

And a few patches that didn’t make in any of the above demos:

Another demo: Don Solaris – Roland JD-990 Competition.mp3. Back in 2007 Harmony Central had a JD competition. This was my entry. All sounds made on JD-990. The reason I’m submitting an .mp3 file is that for some reason Soundcloud is really heavy on this one with its ubiquitous compression. And i can’t stand low audio quality of anything. Simply click the orange text to listen to the demo. I should point out that most of the sounds you hear are in this set. I do not include the drum program since i never finished it, and the mellotron choir patch in Demo 2 which was made using Vintage Expansion. Everything else is pretty much there.

We accept PayPal only for two reasons: 1) You are protected 2) We are protected. As soon as the payment has been cleared, by manual process we will provide you a download link to your registered PayPal email address. PLEASE don’t send us questions “just paid, where is my order?”. As we’ve explained, orders are processed manually, which means we might not be at the computer at exact same moment. In order to purchase, just click Buy Now button and you will be forwarded to the PayPal Site. Your order is 100% secure and covered by PayPal Buyer Protection!

Download: As soon as the payment has been cleared by PayPal, a download link will be sent to your registered PayPal email address.

How to upload patches into your synth: Please read here.

JD990 DonSolaris Soundset1
33.00 EUR

Comments (40)

  1. Julian

    Hi Don, my PayPal address is different to the one I use daily. Long story is I’ve had PayPal for a long time and the email address I had back then is long since decommissioned. So, when I purchase your set, can you send the link to an address other than the registered PayPal one? Cheers, Jules

  2. Leo

    Is there a possibility to use the patches in my jd800 too ?
    Fr. Gr. Leo

  3. Drifting

    Once the sounds are in the 990 how would I go about moving them to a data card formatted for the 990.

  4. David

    Hey Don,

    This looks awesome.. Are these syx files able to be imported as presets into my NI FM7 or the FM8 Vst?



  5. Jeff Lawhead

    When with the Kontakt version be available? Not sure if I missed it somewhere, but I would definitely be interested in getting these sounds for Kontakt.

    • Don Solaris

      Actually i’m working on something like that. However since it involves sampling of digital synths i will consult this time to avoid any copyright problems. Seems like, no matter if you’re sampling your own patches i isn’t all legal – some people claim. I’m not sure i guess i should just continue with the project, although the synths will be renamed.

      • Jeff Lawhead

        Do it, man! The last time I waited for a soundset like this with such anticipation was friggin’ Omnisphere! Rename the synth if you must, just let it still be known somehow for the rest of us who are specifically seeking a soundset of the JD-990 or any specific type of synth what it’s from. 😀

  6. Ari

    Do I need the Vintage Synth card installed in order to use these presets?

  7. Jeff Lawhead

    Any update on those Kontakt patches? I really am looking forward to buying such a thing if you are indeed working on them.

  8. Alex

    Hi Don, really loving these patches. Would I be able to load them into an XV3080 or XV5080?


  9. Jørgen

    Hi Don,

    I’ve transfered the money for the patches to your PayPal yesterday. Should I also send you a confirmation so you know it has been transfered?

    • Don Solaris

      Hi! Download link was sent automatically on 1/21/16 at 6:10 on your registered Paypal email address – as described in the text above: “As soon as the payment has been cleared, a download link will be sent to your registered PayPal email address.”. As i can see in the status, the file hasn’t been downloaded yet.

  10. Joe

    Will Integra7 loud this patches?

  11. DJ

    The Harmony Central JD-800/990 competition you and Paulo started in 2006 was fantastic. To this day I listen to the amazing songs by you, Mook, Gilbert, Awake, etc.. Still inspires. 🙂

    • mechuniversal

      That sounds quite awesome – I tried to search for information on this competition – especially the music you mention, but I found nothing. Is there a place one can find links to this music? Or is there an album (CD etc) one can search for on ebay? Many thanks

  12. Roberto Basarte

    Hello Don,
    Great soundset. I just bought it today by paypal.
    I didn’t received any link so far but I suppose it will come soon.
    Keep on the good work, a drum patch would be very welcome.

    • Don Solaris

      Hello! According to our database, soundset was dispatched on: Mon, 29 Jan 2018 16:19:07 +0000 (UTC). Please verify all your folders including Spam and Trash. Thank you!

  13. Are you working on creating more patches for other hardware based equipment? Secondly, it there an editor for the JD-990 or the Roland D-50 for the PC?

  14. What cards do you need installed in the JD to take full advantage of your library?

  15. Vincent Law

    Hi Don,
    is it possible to load thesoundset of JD-990 and JV-1080 without an expansion card or something like this ?

  16. Mario

    Are you still selling the library?

    • Don Solaris

      Sure. I think the Paypal had some problems with the server that’s why Buy Now button wasn’t visible. I have checked it now and it works.

  17. Mauricio

    Hi Don, somewhere I heard you will be releasing the second part of the pack soon (2020), is that true?

    Thanks for all your invaluable time on teaching and sharing your work with the whole world

  18. M Bouazza

    I had a JD-990 and wanted back! ik heave a V-synth-xt, is it enough or with JD-990 or xv-5080 also good?
    thank you verry mutch!!!
    Butaway i heave also Novation supernova 3 rack an some software but hardware is verry good or not, maybe the software is the future!

  19. nelson casanova

    How I can get for my roland mv-8800 or arturia keyboard mkii 88 midi?

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