Ensoniq DP4 DP4+ Essentials Vol1

Here is a set with 50 premium quality presets. I am fortunate enough to own a lot of modern and vintage digital effects processors. Knowing how most of them behave and having professional experience in sound design I’ve decided to build this set as I absolutely never liked the included factory presets. Once you hear my demo (after working for years with factory presets) you will understand what I’m talking about.

Please read (important!)
All of the effects were designed for professional studio use in classic send return applications. That means either by connecting it to your mixing console or your sound card. These patches ARE NOT designed for insert / serial connection. If you use DP4 in insert / serial configuration you will have to manually adjust the Dry/Wet amount on each preset to your personal liking. Fortunately that change can be stored by a Write function.

If you plan to use just one DSP unit with mono input, make sure you insert a dummy cable / jack into input 2. Outputs of these effects are always stereo, so you will connect to DP4’s output 1 and 2 to receive the signal back. Or if you want to use two units at once, then I recommend plugging the send cables into input 1 and 3, while connecting dummy cables / jacks into inputs 2 and 4. That way you have two stereo outputs each delivering its own independent effect, coming from units A and C. If you want to use all 4 inputs, then it’s obvious you will connect all 4 inputs and no need for dummy cables. This does not relate to my bank but rather to internal patching of the unit as explained in the user manual and I am only trying to give you good advice on how to use the best out of your unit.

How to use these presets
Before you start, first you need to set your unit as follows. Press System button and navigate to page 59 using cursors. Now change the setting to “Remain in Select Config Mode=YES“. While there navigate to page number 52 and visually inspect the unit says the following: “MIDI SysEx ID=0 Receive Enabled“. Change if necessary so that both settings show the same text. Now press the Select button and after that press the Config button. Move the main dial until number 59 is displayed. Once it is there, press the Select button and choose any of the four effects units A,B,C,D (and their respective buttons). After that you can upload the bank into your DP4. In here is a general guideline on how to upload SysEx data into a MIDI unit. If you have more questions they are most likely answered in the DP4 manual which can be downloaded from here. Do not waste time downloading DP4+ (plus version) manual found online as it is totally useless. Someone failed to scan dozens and dozens of crucial pages.

If you still have any questions feel free to ask but I believe the patches will speak for themselves. Believe it or not, but the fastest way to see everything in the demo is to pick a day and dedicate 20 minutes to the whole thing. Because if you plan to constantly jump over the YouTube progress bar trying to grab as much as possible in the least amount of time, you will miss a lot of cool patches and in the end it might even take you longer than what the actual demo lasts! So, calm down, sit back, relax and enjoy the demo from start to finish! I recommend watching it in full screen:

If the video won’t open follow this link:

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How to upload patches into your device: Please read here.

Ensoniq DP4, DP4+ Essentials Vol I
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