Casio CZ-1 Patches Soundset


This soundset comes with 64 patches and 64 combinations (aka Tone Mix). The content is mostly oriented toward bass, pad and lead sounds (with bass being a trademark of CZ line of synths). Also included are some emulations of analogue sounds, some special effects and of course all the sounds from my YouTube CZ1 Demo which so many of you have asked for. Excluded was only the snare which was replaced by LatelyBass (TX81Z emulation) which IMO sounds way better.

It should be said that this set will work only on model CZ-1 and not any others (i.e. CZ-101, CZ-1000, CZ-5000) because a lot of the patches use the velocity to modulate the amount of phase distortion. Technically it might be possible to convert this set for the other models however many of the patches would simply not sound the way they were designed to which is why i decided not to go that route.

The good old Youtube demo:

Here are few overdubs stitched together, made with patches from this set.  Last track in this demo uses external drums:

And here is a short track made with a few overdubs (Midiverb I was used for reverberation):

Selection of patches from this collection. All recorded dry, without any processing:

Bonus demo
Here is another demo – short but sweet. It’s my favorite actually yet for some reason Soundcloud chews too much out of it, so here is a 320kbps mp3 version instead, which sounds way better: CZ1 Solaris Soundset.mp3 This demos uses a touch of DP/4+ for the delay effect and some external drums and that’s about it. Click the orange text to play it.


Notice: The “Cxx” in the patch names denotes recommended chorus amount. Therefore C60 would mean you set the slider to approximately 60% of the max value.

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CZ1 Solaris Soundset
19.00 EUR

Comments (9)

  1. Simon

    Does the download work on a Mac?

  2. Hotta

    great sounds! But what format are these and how do i load them on the synth?
    I only have an old XP Machine available.

  3. j

    hi, will these patches work in the virtual cz plugin?

  4. Marco

    Hi! May I use these patches with cz 1000?

  5. jvq

    Some notes that might be useful to others.

    Casio CZ sysex is tied to a MIDI channel. When loading the sysex file, make sure that your CZ-1 is set to use MIDI channel 1, and that system exclusive messages are enabled (press ‘DOWN’ in the MIDI menu). This is needed because the sysex file you get from Don is coded for MIDI channel 1.

    Do NOT use the CARTRIDGE/MIDI SAVE/LOAD function on the CZ-1: this uses a custom Casio protocol that you need special software for (it has a handshake). To load Don’s soundset just use a normal Sysex librarian.

    At first I only tried the ‘normal’ mode presets in the sound set. Make sure you also check out the ‘operational memory’ mode presets; those have layers (‘tone mix’) and automatically turn the chorus effect on/off.

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