Roland MC-909 Sample Pack


Don Solaris Soundset aka “Drums And Stuff” for MC-909

IMPORTANT: This set is AVAILABLE! Please don’t (ab)use our technical support to ask this question as it just spams the server’s space which is originally intended to help other people with guidelines and actual technical questions. Thank you for understanding!

Here is an expansion pack for your Roland MC-909. The only requirement for this sound pack is that your MC-909 has 128MB of RAM and that you have a card with capacity of 128MB. If your MC-909 has more than 128MB of RAM it is ok, but if it has less, then i’m sorry.

Before installing this package please backup your own patches and samples. Instructions are in the Roland’s manual. So what’s in the package? A lot! For start, 1092 samples total! With 69 rhythm sets and samples originating from 27 vintage drum machines. You now finally the got whole history of electronic drums covered on your MC-909. The following drum machines (and some synths) were sampled for this sound pack:

  • Akai XE8
  • Alesis HR-16
  • Alesis HR-16B
  • Boss DR-55
  • Casio PT-30
  • Casio RZ-1
  • E-MU Drumulator
  • E-MU SP12
  • Fujitone IIIB
  • Kawai XD5
  • Korg DDD1
  • Linn 9000
  • Linndrum LN1
  • Nord Wave
  • Oberheim DMX
  • Roland TR-66
  • Roland TR-505
  • Roland TR-606
  • Roland TR-626
  • Roland TR-707
  • Roland TR-727
  • Roland TR-808
  • Roland TR-909
  • Roland CR-8000
  • Yamaha RX-5
  • Yamaha RX-11
  • Yamaha RX-21
  • Yamaha SY-35
  • Yamaha SY-85

As mentioned earlier there are 69 rhythm sets. Of those 69, 54 feature drums, 8 feature jingles, 4 feature cuts, 2 feature robot voices and 1 features ambient noises. Let’s explain them in more detail or just click on the demo below.

54 drums sets. Well that’s pretty straight forward. You get full sets sampled from machines, i.e. a TR-606 will feature sounds from TR-606 and will be titled TR-606 accordingly. If sampled source has more than 16 sounds then they are split into parts, so for example you get HR-16 set1 and HR-16 set2. Then there is a third kind of rhythm sets which feature grouped instruments, such as kicks, snares, hats, etc. Notice: these are no doubles (from existing drum machines) but different drum samples, sampled from TR-909, TR-808 and other various sources – think of it as compilation of kicks, snare, hats etc. Makes things much easier when composing. Just Transpose the track and you have a new kick hitting without need to change the rhythm set.

Then there are 8 sets called ST jingles. These are various jingles taken from Amiga 500 computer Sound Tracker ST00-ST99 sample collection which is in public domain. These are made of vocal phrases, funny noises, stabs, etc. They are really old, think 1989, 1990, which i thought it would be fun to have. And they are raw gritty 8 bit samples.

There are 4 sets called Cuts. These come from TV/radio sources. Mostly made of random phrases, chatter, etc. I have included some legendary samples in here, just for fun, and you can hear some of those in the demo. Hint: Bomb The Bass.

There are 2 sets called Robot. These are, as its name suggests various Robot talk phrases. Which i thought wold be cool for all the techno heads and sound experimenters.

Then there is one special set called Atmospheres. These are various ambient noises which i’ve either generated or recorded in field during some work in the early 2000s that never managed to end on a sample CD (which i’ve planned back then but never finished it). So here is their premiere for the first time. You can hear some of them in the demo as well.

BONUS: Extra 48 patches. Since i know a thing or two about programming Roland JD/JV engine i couldn’t resist to program a couple of patches for you!! I have also included some cool samples in here which are also available thru patch selection.

Is it worth the money? Put it in this perspective. Average Dance card for MC-909 cost around 100 notes, delivers around 800 samples and 24 drum sets. This set cost 39 notes and delivers around 1100 sampled and 54 drum sets.

Installation instructions:
Put a new 128MB card into your MC-909. Got to disk utility and Format it. Once you do that, connect MC-909 to your computer via USB cable. When prompted, choose Menu/USB. Press the button that points to Memory Card. Connection should be established. Now go to your computer. Extract the archive that you received into the folder on the card called ROLAND. Computer will ask you if you want to overwrite the content. Choose YES TO ALL. And that’s it. Disconnect MC-909 from computer and reboot it. If still unsure, here is a video that shows you how to install.

Having problems after installing this soundset?
Backup your patches and samples. Then do a FACTORY RESET of the unit. This will solve most of your problems. I wrote these instructions with the latest OS installed in MC-909.  So if you have any issues while installing this set via different operating system on the machine and you are missing patches etc. please make sure to check a few of these important things. Do you have the latest 1.23 OS in your MC-909? If not i suggest you download it from Roland’s website and install it into your machine before proceeding with installing my soundset. Use the following procedure to display the current Operating System Version:

1. Press MENU. 2. Select “SYSTEM” and press ENTER. 3. Press F6 “System Info.” 4. While holding SHIFT, press and release button 1, 7, 8 and 9 under the PART MIXER. 5. Press F5 “Test Mode” to display the “PROG. Version.” 6. Turn the unit off and back on to return to the normal mode.

Second thing: since i made the video with the Windows XP and perhaps some different operating systems might behave differently or have some extra features while copying data please check: is there snd909.svd file on your card inside SND folder? If you are missing patches, please manually copy it from my ZIP file and overwrite the existing snd909.svd on your card. Third thing: do you have a TMP folder on your card? Please remove that folder, now place the card into MC-909 and boot the machine. Do patches now load? Feel free to ask if you have any extra problems i will be glad to help. If you are on a Mac and experiencing missing patches in this soundset, and you tried everything above, and they still don’t appear, please try to transfer this soundset via Windows machine. Sorry this isn’t my problem, probably has to do with OSX file ownership thing and i don’t think i can help much in here, but i know that transferring via Windows machine works perfectly – because we can see that in the video.

We accept PayPal only for two reasons: 1) You are protected 2) We are protected. As soon as the payment has been cleared, by manual process we will provide you a download link to your registered PayPal email address. PLEASE don’t send us questions “just paid, where is my order?”. As we’ve explained, orders are processed manually, which means we might not be at the computer at exact same moment. In order to purchase, just click Buy Now button and you will be forwarded to the PayPal Site. Your order is 100% secure and covered by PayPal Buyer Protection!

Download: As soon as the payment has been cleared by PayPal, a download link will be sent to your registered PayPal email address.

MC-909 Don Solaris Soundset
39.00 EUR

Comments (16)

  1. Francesco Sancricca

    Where is TR-909 Drum Set?

    • Don Solaris

      The “TR-909” patch that you are looking for is not one single TR-909 drum set but several different drum sets called: Kicks, Snares, Hats, etc. Because TR-909 and TR-808 allows tune, decay, pitch etc, for each their instrument and have too many sounds and variations for one single drum set.

      Because of that, they have been split into several different drum sets which are called: Kicks, Snares, Hats, etc. Drum set called “Kicks” contains all TR-909 kicks, all TR-808 kicks, and lot of their variations + extras. Drum set called Hats contains all TR-909 hats, all TR-808 hats and many others.

  2. chris taylor

    Hello Mr Solaris-I have tried to install the contents of the download several times. I’ve even deleted the tmp folder on the card as well as over writing the snd909.svd file. I only come up with around 40 files on the MC 909 when I look at the “list” view on the card. I’m using Windows 10 on a PC Laptop. I’ve reformatted the card and tried the loading process several times but only seem to get the same 40 files from your download. I know it’s hard to diagnose what might be the problem as you aren’t seeing what I’m seeing-but have you heard of this happening? Would you have any other suggestions about trying to load the soundset? Thanks for any feedback you can provide!

    • Don Solaris

      How much RAM does your unit have? What size is the CF card?

      Worth mentioning, number 40 is very indicating. You see there are actually 40 test patterns in this soundset. It might be that you are in the wrong window (Patterns)? You should be in the Patches window and Rhythm Window – there are 69 rhythm sets and 48 patches.

      If you verified both things above then something else to try: Connect MC-909 via USB cable to your computer, use it as a CF card reader, as shown on the second video above (Soundset Installation), then navigate into ROLAND folder on the CF card, double click to open it, inside you will find SMPL folder, right click it and select Properties. Now write down how many files it contains (i.e. Contains 70 Files, 0 Folders) and write that info here.

      After that start elevated command prompt, and navigate to the MC-909 CARD drive by typing X: with X being the currently assigned letter of the MC-909. The exact letter is shown inside parenthesis on “My Computer” window where all drives are listed ie: Windows10(C:), DVD-ROM(D:), MC-909 CARD (E:). Once you are on the card drive, type: CD ROLAND\SND and press enter. Now type DIR and press enter. You will see directory content. Select all of the text in the directory with your mouse, right click on it (this will copy it) and paste it here.

  3. Andrey

    Had an issues with moving files to CF card by OS X. Got it works correctly using terminal “cp” tool. I put there shell command example that working for me: “$ /bin/cp -rf your-path-there/ROLAND /Volumes/MC-909\ CARD”

  4. Igor

    Hi there,
    Are the cuts and drum given in wav format? I would like to purchase in order to use in other samplers, as I dont own a MC909. Would that be possible?
    tks in advance!


    How much would it cost for you to do custom patches and kits?

  6. Andrew

    Hi, is the Roland MC909 SAMPLE PACK still available.?
    Is there a chance that the pack will also work with my Roland Fantom XA as i have both samplers.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Don Solaris

      Hello, everything listed in the store is available for purchase. I don’t have Fantom, can’t answer second question. Kind Regards!

  7. Andrew

    hi , i purchased this soundset recently and am having trouble installing the soundsets , no patch names are appearing.
    how do i access the above the PRIVATE youtube video for assistance please??


  8. Ace


    I have a quick question about this sound set for the MC 909. Since I have the MC 808, could it work on it too? Because I don’t have a MC 909, but it looks like they both work the same (Just without the extra gimmicks from the 909).

    • Don Solaris

      Hello. I don’t have MC808. Thank you!

      • Anselm

        Hi Don, I took the risk to buy the sample pack and (mostly) also works with the mc808. I have access to all the samples, and I think the programmed presets are also loaded but I´m not 100% sure (could you please tell me the name of one of your presets to confirm?). What does not work are the so called patterns or demos of your sounds, the mc808 does not seem able to associate each pattern with the matching samples or presets… I´ll investigate further.

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