Yamaha AN1x Patches Soundset


After many requests, here it is. I thought these patches were gone forever, but few weeks ago i accidentally found one backup that contained them. Essentially everything that you hear in the demos is here in this set, plus much more. Because Youtube demo would take too much time to go through all 128 patches that are in this set. One thing to clear straight away – this set does not contain the retro emulation types of sounds that some associate with analogue (i.e Jump Patch, Lucky Man etc). I leave that to the others and instead focus on the machine itself, its DSP power and sonic palette. This is what this set is about – AN1x, as a unique piece of equipment. A small notice regarding the demos: Since i no longer have AN1x, i can not make any additional new demos. What’s in the Youtube demos is all i can present at this point.

Patch List

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AN1x DonSolaris Soundset
33.00 EUR

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  1. Hello,
    I lately bought the JD990 soundset. (really awesome!!!!) But after installing (I know stupid) I deleted the map with the files (I think). I can’t download it anymore because the download link is expired.Could you send it again to me?
    Also,..Is there a possibility to have a discount for the An1x sound set,because I bought the JD soundset?

  2. Philip

    SO you’re selling soundsets, when other people just share them for free??Lol))This is so cheap))

      • Ghenica

        Well played, sir, hahaha. I’ve seen some of your stuff on Youtube. Nice melodies & great patches. Unfortunately you haven’t made patches for any of the synths I actually own, until now. Today I bought an AN1x on ebay, so I’ll be contacting you again sometimes in the near future. 🙂

    • Mr Scorpio

      Philip, you sound like a troll. Cheap? – Don’s patches are amongst the best ever crafted for the AN1X, and really show off what this incredible synth is capable of.
      It is YOU that is ‘cheap’ by wanting DON’s many hours of work for FREE.

    • LittleJJ

      SO you’re scolding someone who actually knows what they’re doing—programming— for selling something to people who might find them useful??
      Lol)) You’re a nimrod))

  3. abstrkt

    Don, I’m exciting to have just found your patch section. Are your ANx1 patches available in AN200 ready format? I would be interested in purchasing that even if there was a little lost in translation.

    • Don Solaris

      I don’t know much about AN200. Best is to the check the manual, ask owners on the web etc.

    • gsm909

      Abstrkt, it should be possible. If Don Solaris can provide the sound bank in .an1 format then you should be able to load this into a PC program called AN1xEdit, and then save it as a .an2 format file which can then be loaded into the an200. If the sound bank is supplied as a sysex or .mid file, then this would first have to be loaded into an AN1x synth, and then saved to the AN1xEdit program first before converting to .an2 format.

  4. Paul Rogers

    Hi Don. How long does it take for the download link to be sent? I expected it would be a few minutes but I paid last night and have yet to hear anything.

    • Don Solaris

      I stole your money (all 29 euros) and ran away to Maldives. Just kidding. Actually i have to manually process all the orders. And what’s worst, Paypal notifications sometimes come as late as 24 hours which is really starting to irritate me! In most cases, waiting is around 8 hours, either because i sleep or i’m in the office. The studio is at my home, and i process all the orders from there.

  5. Paul Rogers

    Oh, and can you let me have one of those 29 euro tickets to the Maldives as well please.

  6. david LEBLANC

    Hey Don,

    I wanted to know if your AN1X patches in your demo are processed through FX unit or if they are straight from the synth ?

    Thank you

    Kind regards

    Dave from France

  7. Soundset arrived to my email! Good soundset for an amazing instrument!
    I rarely buy soundsets, but loved the demo and I’m planning about using some of these patches as inspiration/starting point to program my own.
    Congrats Don, great job, thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  8. Mike

    The soundset is awesome! Thank you so much Don 🙂
    After the SYX file is uploaded to my AN1X, I realised that some of the patches have different names comparing with the patch list on your website, I am wondering if the soundset I received is an updated version, or just some of the patches have been renamed (I don’t have the AN1X editor so I can’t double check with the AN1 file). THX!!!
    I’ll be buying a JD-990 or CZ-1 in the near future, looking forward to order the other soundsets!

    • Don Solaris

      Hello. Can you please specify which patches? Thank you! (There haven’t been updates to this soundset.)

      • Mike

        Thanks for the prompt reply! I really appreciate the follow up 🙂
        I just checked the list in details, and figured out that the list on website is split into upper and lower rows (i.e. in my AN1x patch order, after “BlackHole” on column 1, then it’ll jump to “Darkness” on column 2, then PsychoOrg” on column 3, etc.), I guess maybe I’m using a newer version of SysEx Librarian that causes the different order, but it’s only a very minor issue (I’m using SysEx Librarian Version 1.3.1, Mac OSX 10.9.5).
        The followings is the patches with different names, the names in ( ) are patch names from website list:
        005 Clip (Blade)
        006 Panel (Moving)
        011 Fifth Gea (5th Ray)
        015 S&H (Smpl’n’Hld)
        017 Dirt (Dirty Cash)
        019 Dark (Darkness)
        026 Metal (MetalAlloy)
        033 Instant (Automatic)
        043 Juno (Juno Emul)
        045 ArcticK56 (K-19)
        056 SQR1 (Squared)
        065 Korg X-5 (X5 Bass)
        066 Pulse X (Pulse it)
        081 Forbidden (Forbidden2)
        086 Solina1 (Solina)
        097 A new day (Interval)
        120 Wild Bass (Bass Z)
        121 W Bass 2 (Bass X)

        • Don Solaris

          Aha! These are the old names that i have updated in the meantime before releasing the set. So it’s the same sounds, just different names. 🙂

  9. Eskobar

    Hi Don Solaris,

    Your sound is very intersting. I have just acquire an AN1X. But I don’t understand to save import/export patch soundset with AN1X editor.

    Software is okay, it’s possible to change sound with SF2 PC Bank… But :
    – is it possible to hear midi sound AN1X with computer ?
    – when you playing with AN1X, is it possible to export a midi music FX sound (music note with real time effects when playing, rec without sample) ?
    – how to import export à soundbank ?

    Thank’s a lot for your answer,

  10. Rust Creep

    Thank you so much for making these available. Purchased today.. can’t wait to try these out!

  11. David LEBLANC

    Hi Don !

    Ready to purchase your patch bank, at least ! 🙂 (was about to sell my AN1X but a voice in my head told me not to do 🙂 )
    But I have a major concern about the way to import the patch bank in my synth : Nothing in the user’s manual, and spending quite 500 dollars for a editor like MIDI QUEST is just impossible for me ! this is quite the price of the synth !!! Do you know how I could proceed with importing your bank in a basic way ?

  12. Jaaa

    “I thought these patches were gone forever, but few weeks ago i accidentally found one backup that contained them.”

    You almost lost them, but you’re also charging a lot for something you almost lost? I think it’s time you lower the price or give it for free.

    • Don Solaris

      If you find the equivalent of paying for two pizzas too much money to spend on this soundset, then I guess you should enjoy the pizza instead. The only difference is, 24 hours later that pizza will be turned into something brown and not much of use, while this soundset will sound good for years. In either case I wish you bon appétit. 🙂

  13. Peter

    Hi Don, just got an An1X in good condition, very exiting, but need some help..
    I’ve got An1XEdit software running and connected to the synth. (sound plays when pressing note in software)
    I want to save all patches from the synth (presets and whatever the previous owner made) using the software, but the synth presets are not showing up in the editor. Can you remember how to use the software to save all presets/patches to PC?
    Thanks, the software help file doesn’t say..

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