Nord Wave Vintage Digitals


Unlike other sample packs for the Nord Wave that are floating around the web, this one is different. Instead of going for the factory presets of various machines and sampling those, we went one step further. We went for the original ROM waveforms. And more importantly, their original loop points. The goal was high – to ensure 100% authentic sound. No cross-fade looping techniques here, everyone can do that nowadays and did we mention it totally kills the soul of the sample (due to the x-fade process itself). Hence we used totally different approach and you bet these loops in here required a lot of screwdriver work to match original factory loop points. But the result is 1:1 original playback where you can no longer distinguish a copy from the source. It should be however noted that no digital transfer of the ROM content was performed in any form. Absolutely everything was sampled at the patch level (the same as in other sample libraries from other manufacturers that are floating around the web). End product of this Nord Wave library is 99 multisamples made from the following machines:

  • Roland U-20
  • Roland JD-990
  • Roland JV-1080
  • Yamaha SY-22
  • Yamaha SY-85
  • Yamaha TX16W
  • Ensoniq SQ-1
  • Kawai K-1 rII

Over 900 samples and 215 MB of uncompressed PCM data went into this pack to ensure smooth playback across the whole keyboard range. As a bonus we included a few factory (ROM) waveforms from the Prophet VS, Fairlight CMI, Roland JV-80, JX-1, S-770, Akai S3000, E-MU Emulator (IIIXP and E4) and Yamaha SY-77 just to spice things a bit. For samplers we used stock (factory) disks and used various methods to obtain samples in their original raw format avoiding any D/A and A/D conversion when ever and where ever that was possible! You will just have to trust us when we say we are as obsessive with perfection as you are. Roland samples from S-770 have intentionally been left with emphasis on, to provide some extra sheen. Thus, don’t forget to close the filter a bit when working with these. You will find a table that lists all of the waveforms and their sources on the bottom of this page.

We included 128 programs to get you started. If you are curious about the program list, click here to see the full listing. Our initial goal was to provide you with raw material, so that you aren’t restricted to samples with sampled effects (which is so often the case with so many sampled libraries). With this set you can now be the ‘master’ and build your own Roland, Yamaha, Ensoniq and Kawai emulations on a Nord Wave. Right from scratch – literally! There is a lot of synthesis power at disposal. In fact, check our Youtube demos in to hear some of the included programs. For better audio quality please select 720p (HD) on the Youtube taskbar, optionally enable full screen for the better view:

Waveform List
There is a total of 99 slots available on the Nord Wave for the user sample bank. Here is a complete listing of all the multisamples that are included in this pack. Please note a “src:” denotes the source tone generator (synthesizer) that was used as a source. Waveforms labeled as Solaris A-G are actually different waveforms stacked together within the Kawai K1 prior to being sampled, VS stands for Prophet VS, CMI stands for Fairlight CMI.


We accept PayPal only for two reasons: 1) You are protected 2) We are protected. As soon as the payment has been cleared, by manual process we will provide you a download link to your registered PayPal email address. PLEASE don’t send us questions “just paid, where is my order?”. As we’ve explained, orders are processed manually, which means we might not be at the computer at exact same moment. In order to purchase, just click Buy Now button and you will be forwarded to the PayPal Site. Your order is 100% secure and covered by PayPal Buyer Protection!

Vintage Digitals Vol1 is available in two forms:

1) as .nwb format (samples + patches)

This purchase is intended for Nord Wave users only and it gives you:

  • 99 multi samples (listed in the table above)
  • 128 custom programs which employ these samples. Programs list here.

These are both contained in .nwb bank file. In order to transfer this bank you will have to use Nord Sound Manager – which is available for download at – make sure you have the latest version installed. Also check that you have latest OS installed in your Nord Wave.

Download: As soon as the payment has been cleared by PayPal, a download link will be sent to your registered PayPal email address.

NWB Vintage Digitals Vol1 – 39.00 EUR

2) as .nsmp format (samples only)

This purchase is intended for owners of Clavia Nord machines that support sample load and playback (such as Nord Stage 2, Nord Piano 2, Nord Electro 3/4D). Or for the Nord Wave owners but who just want to purchase the samples. This set gives you:

  • 99 multi samples (listed in the table above)

Set is contained in individual .nsmp files that you can drag and drop into Nord Sound Manager which is available for download at – make sure you have the latest version installed. Also check that you have latest OS installed. This set is packed in one zip file and to open it you will need a free zip extractor such as 7zip (for Windows) or iZip (for Mac).

Download: As soon as the payment has been cleared by PayPal, a download link will be sent to your registered PayPal email address.

NSMP Vintage Digitals Vol1 – 29.00 EUR

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  1. Franz M

    Hello, i would like to purchase all the set of samples and patches (pas)for my stage 2 and wave
    and love your videos …. I.m located in belgium zip code 6240
    Tell me How can I do

    • Don Solaris

      Click Buy Now icon ?

    • mauro franz

      i do not use pay pal
      I will pay simply via master card
      so i do not see where I can give you my mail address after payment

      • Don Solaris

        The process is automated and requires Paypal payment. That’s how it works unfortunately. I don’t work with credit cards.

  2. Hi, I’m really enjoying these sounds, thanks.

    Is there any chance you’d think about doing an FM bank for the Wave??

  3. Peter

    Don Solaris Hello,
    Any chance to purchase Nord Wave Vintage Digitals which would be compatible to download into Roland V-Synth GT or have you got any vintage patches I could purchase to use for V-synth?
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards,

  4. Hi Don…

    I just picked up a Nord Wave Friday night from my local pawn shop for an embarrassingly low price. Just been listening to your “Vintage Digitals” videos on YouTube and have to say I’m very intrigued! You do great sound design work.

    As soon as I figure out that I’m definitely keeping the Nord Wave, I’d like to get your sound set. I really like the keyboard so far. Just want to make sure it’s not just a honeymoon phase 😄

    Anyway, best to you! 👍🏻

    • Don Solaris

      You shouldn’t worry. It’s not a honey moon phase synth and let me tell you why. I received notification on my Youtube channel that you posted a reply. So i went to the video and listened to it, now for the first time after 2 years and i immediately remembered how powerful this machine is. I totally forgot about it. Shame on me. This machine is IDEAL for soundtracks, because of the wicked filters! A perfect example is Astronaut patch or for example the first patch played in the video. And then i remembered my discovery of these filters that are spectacular when used in combination with onboard effects. It’s a chameleon type of synth that with just a few knob tweaks lets you jump from the Berlin school right int the middle of some thriller movie. Amazingly powerful synth – just add a DAW laptop, a good AD and you’re ready to visit a desert island. In fact my idea is to take this synth to the apartment at sea and leave it there. Because it can inspire you SO MUCH yet you don’t get distracted by dozen machines lying around! There are also some killer sample libraries on the Clavia webpage. A ton of them in fact. Although they are stupidly placed around different places of their site, they’re not on one location. In short: one awesome desert island synth. But if you have a ton of gear like i do then you might not need it – although Wave will get you there much faster! BTW I also synthesized some punchy kick drums with it.

      • Yes, I found the sample libraries, but I’m confused about one thing… Can I only load in the raw samples and then I have to make the patch from scratch? In other words, if I download and install Fairlight “Arr1”, it dumps the sample into my keyboard but no patch is installed with it? I have to initialize a patch and then choose the sample from oscillator 2, then set the ADSR to taste, etc?

        • Don Solaris

          Yup, no patches unless the bank is exlcusive to Wave. IIRC Fairlight set was made for all Nord keyboards that have sample ram, hence why no patches, because their engines are different.

          • Gotcha. I suspected that was the case so thank you for confirming. You were right. I’m growing to love this synth. It does so much, really well. I’ve been playing the sh*t out of it! So great for sound design as well! 👍🏻

  5. Jerome

    Hello! Is it possible to buy your first form 1) as .nwb format (samples + patches) and use it both on Wave and Stage 2(or Electro4)?
    Thank you!

    • Don Solaris

      Yes it will work on Nord Wave. Thank you!

      • Jerome

        Hi Don!
        Yes, I understand that. But would this first sample pack work with Stage2 or Electro4 also?

        • Don Solaris

          (comment removed)

          • Jerome

            You wrote in description (about 2 form of pack): “This purchase is intended for owners of Clavia Nord machines that support sample load and playback (such as Nord Stage 2, Nord Piano 2, Nord Electro 3/4D).”
            Thats why I thought you can help with my question.

          • Don Solaris

            Aaahhh yes! Sorry i thought you were asking about the soundset that i’m working on currently. Never mind that. My mistake!!! Yes this will work ok. You just have to purchase the .nsmp format and it will work normally. In fact i have many people with Stage and Electro who bought this soundset from me. No complaints so far. 😀

  6. Jerome

    Yes, thank you! But my first question was about .nwb format (samples + patches). 🙂
    Will it work with Stage(Electro)?
    I have Wave and Stage 2.

  7. Steve

    Will these work with the Nord Wave 2?

  8. Mark

    Don, are these samples compatible with Nord Wave 2 ?

  9. Lars

    Hi Don.
    Is this also for Nord Wave 2??

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