Scammer alert: Julián Calvo Orquín (aka Inspektor Gadjet)

SCAMMER ALERT! Dear fellow musicians I’d like to share an experience we had in the past regarding a transaction involving Julián Calvo Orquín (also known as Inspektor Gadjet). On 4/17/2020, Mr. Orquín reached out to us expressing interest in a product from our store. Initially, while we were hesitant about engaging in an exchange, Mr. Orquín persisted with a total of seven emails, expressing his intent to create YouTube demos and tutorials in return for a free copy of our MC-909 soundset. After careful consideration, we decided to honor his request.

Today is October 3, 2023, three years later and he never produced any of the YouTube demos he promised. Julián Calvo Orquín stole 39.00 EUR worth of goods from us. I advise you not to do any business with him.

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