Rack electric cable management

Introducing my approach to cable management that banishes the chaos of racks overflowing with tangled wires: a streamlined solution that prioritizes precision and elegance. Disenchanted with the sight of countless cables snaking haphazardly through racks, I embarked on a quest for simplicity and order. The answer? Custom-made cables, meticulously cut to exact lengths, ensuring a clean and organized layout from source to unit. Say farewell to the cable jungle and embrace a tidier, more efficient way to connect your components.

Filled up rack.

Yet only single electric cable on the back. How’s that possible?

Here’s how:

Cut the plywood to correct 1U size.

Drill the holes.

Paint it black.

Install it on the back side of the rack and build the wiring.

Attach EURO connectors and plug them in. Done.


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