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JD-800 DAC Calibration:
A noise can occur during long release times. If this is the case, you will need to calibrate the unit. Noise itself is the result of improperly trimmed DAC (digital / analog converter). Type of the noise we discuss here sounds somehow like a bitcrusher or a bad working noisegate – it’s not the hiss we talk about here. Here’s the procedure:

  1. To Enter the Test Mode select Multi-Mode
  2. Press and hold: Cursor Left, Cursor Right and then Exit buttons.
  3. Use an instrument such as an oscilloscope to observe the output waveform of MIX OUT L on the rear panel. If you don’t have oscilloscope, you can use headphones and listen carefully with your ears.
  4. Press [NUMBER 7] while holding down [EXIT].
  5. A sine wave with a relatively low sound volume should be output.
  6. Make it a smooth sine wave by adjusting VR1 on the Jack board.


JD-800 Factory Reset
Warning: this will delete all of your presets. Please dump them via sys-ex before doing this procedure

  1. Press data transfer.
  2. Page up to select factory preset.
  3. Press YES.
  4. Done.


JD-800 Brochures:

 photo jd800_br2.jpg  photo jd800_br3.jpg
 photo jd800_br4.jpg  photo jd800_br5.jpg
 photo sos491-1.jpg  photo sos491-2.jpg  photo sos491-3.jpg  photo sos491-4.jpg

Comments (17)

  1. Hi, re DAC, I get a crackling distortion sound as the effects fade away. I hadn’t investigated if it was a particular effect, but by using the Direct Outputs, dry, I get no crackling. Could that be the DAC? Thanks.

  2. Roman

    Help!! I just got myths back from repair of audio output and all slider will only register kin and max values. Is there a way recalibrate or fix??

  3. Hello,

    I have purchased a Roland JD800 Synthesiser.

    Unfortunately, It needs A new PCB! (Contact Board) – It’s the large green flexible ribbon that gets hit by the keys.

    I also need a new Connector Board.

    I was given your details from a friend of mine – who said you could help – and although the JD 800 original ‘spare parts’ are not made anymore – she said that there are some Roland spares – that will fit into the JD800, (see below):

    RL-22935230 Contact Board (flexible strip)……..NOS 49.16 58.50
    RL-00784978 Connector Board…….. NOS 24.75 29.45
    RL-00784989 Flat Cable 42cm/26-p……..NOS 9.87 11.75

    These are spare parts that work in the JD800 – and so I am told – are still being manufactured by Roland at this present time – however… These are proving extremely difficult to get hold of!

    There is a flex circuit clamp on the ‘keyboard bed’ that clamps the two green ribbons. The CIC cable cannot be detached as it is/was thermally sealed to the contact board – ironically, someone before me tried to take this apart and thats why the keys sound intermittently or stuttered/spluttered.

    Consequently, the ‘internal signal layers’ (at the end of the thermally sealed cables) are now broken and it cannot be fixed (due to the thermally sealed design).

    Where can I get these spares…?

  4. Gianpiero

    I’m trying to load sysex banks onto my JD800, using MidiOx or Bome SendSx. No luck. Is there a setting on the JD800 I am not aware of? The “receive sysex” is set to ON-2. Please help.

  5. San

    JD-800 can be used as a midi controller to edit sounds of a JD-990 very simply.
    I try to edit the XV5080 but I can’t. In my mind it could be possible because all these devices are closed and should share the same cc and exclusive message. At least for basic function like cutoff, resonance…
    Am I wrong ?
    Is there any possibility to do that ?
    Stay at home

  6. Freddie Sanchez

    Hey there, I have a JD-800 that needs some help 🙁
    I need the following parts:
    * Contact PCB – Roland part #22935230
    * Adapter Board is part #00784978

    Any help would be appreciated.

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