Matrix 1000 Factory Presets

So you changed the battery in your Matrix 1000 and now all of the presets are gone. You go to the web to search for the factory patches, only to find incomplete archives. Typically people would modify a few of the factory presets, probably forget about it and then upload it online not knowing their bank is no longer genuine. I know the feeling, cause I downloaded all of the banks from the web pages, forums, groups, etc only to learn the patches that I hear do not match the official patch list. So I decided to figure out what’s going on and where the original factory bank is. TLDR: it isn’t on the web (well, it wasn’t until now), I had to manually rebuild it, took me two days to gather everything and rebuild it piece by piece as Lieutenant Columbo would do. A lot of help was in the patch listing names, i.e. it says Brass yet there is a helicopter preset on that location, but in another copy you actually find that Brass patch and figure out this preset was not replaecd or modified with something else. One of the banks that helped me a lot was Moby’s own M1000 bank. It was so fortunate that he did not edit from the front of the bank (which is what people normally would do) but from the back of the bank and that was the game changer. At this point I knew I have something useful to start with! The rest was easy. I went into the patch librarian and moved the correct patches from several banks into the final edit version.

All in all here is the archive for which I guarantee 100% it is accurate and contains all of the factory presets for the Matrix 1000 synthesizer. Patch names can be downloaded from below as well. Keep in mind only two first banks are the user area, the rest is the ROM section which can not be deleted or manipulated. Also to clear one little myth that floats around, not all of the patches that are in the User area originate / exist in the ROM. Yes, many are from the ROM section, but there are at least 60 patches that do not exist in the ROM section and I believe they were exclusively designed for the Matrix 1000.

Matrix 1000 Factory Patches – as the title says, this is the archive that contains Bank 0 and Bank 1

Matrix 1000 Patch Names – the above file is not much use without knowing the patch names. So here they are

Why would anyone want factory patches?
Some people prefer things being genuine, and let’s just add to the fact that back in the 90’s Matrix series (6, 6R, 1000) were all over electronic music. It was literally the go-to synth for that genre, as it had MIDI yet was very affordable, typically half the price of Xpander and MKS-80 which was something not everyone would afford. Don’t let the “ahh the early 90’s while analog synths were cheap” phrase fool you. MKS-80 and Xpander and Matrix 12 were NEVER cheap, even back then out of reach for many, because they all had MIDI. Now…. the Jupiters 4 and 8 were cheap… You could buy either of the two or the Matrix 6 for the same amount of money, but the Matrix had MIDI, which the former did not.

Feel free to comment, or add something or just say thanks in the comment section below. And now it’s time to enjoy the Matrix 1000.

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  1. Michael Glanovsky

    Thanks again Don. I appreciate the work you did to re-upload Bank0 !!!
    Good to know there is someone as OCD as me.
    (Or CDO once you put the letters in the right order LOL )


    • Don Solaris

      You should see my face almost a year later when I realized I deleted Bank 0 and replaced it with Bank I. Biggest facepalm in long time. So that was the archive that was up at Gearslutz. It wasn’t until I got Matrix 6R that I realized something is wrong, as I went testing it against Matrix 1000 to decide which to keep. So I had to start all over again. Of course WEB browsing history was not much of a choice as it always remembers completely useless pages that you visited and not the ones you need. I had no clue from where I got Bank 0. Eventually found it after almost giving up, on day two. I don’t ever want to go through this again… so here it is finally!

  2. Dumitrache Valentin

    Hello Don. I ve been trying yo open the syx files in my daw but i can t find a solution i don t have my midi keyboard right now i have just the pc keyboard but when i will have my sybth back i want to have everything done can you help me to open them? I really love the matrix series.

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