Waiting for hard disk ready….SKIP (says your Akai)

If this ever happens to anyone, and the machine is hanging even after you press F7, the problem is the busted SCSI fuse. You’ll have to disassemble the unit, remove outputs board and solder wire (with fuse holder) to two joints on the mainboard. I highly recommend using a fuse holder so that in the future you don’t have to solder anything, just replace the fuse!

Fuse value is 50V 1A, but you don’t have to use replacement part. A simple classic (glass) fuse will do the job 120V or 230V 1A (this is crucial). While there, get yourself one of these fuse holders and install it, so that in the future you don’t have to solder fuses.

If you own S3000XL location of the fuse in the picture below. If you own some other model you will have to find it yourself. Notice: you can solder wires directly to the solder joints here if you will use glass fuse.

This is the part you have to remove (make sure to solder two wires there, you will connect them to the new fuse holder):

Drill a hole on the back of the unit:

And install a fuse holder:

And now if the fuse goes out ever again, no more soldering or disassembling the unit. Just twist to open, and replace the fuse with new one.

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