ASR-10 synthesizing an organ

Here is a video tutorial I’ve made some time ago. If you use software such as Chickensys Translator it is very easy to transfer samples from a computer to an ASR-10. Sometimes a single cycle sine wave is all it takes to make a good organ sound. This video demonstrates the raw power of ASR-10. Alternative solution is to sample a sine wave, normalize it and proceed as explained in the video.

There’s a very useful thread on Gearslutz forum that details SCSI with old samplers and provides some solutions such as SCSI-CF adapters that can work with the sampler and can be used as a bridge between your computer and a sampler. Here is a link to it.

Let’s face it, we don’t use these samplers because of their specs, we use them for their sound. And so far there aren’t many alternatives on the software market. Investing into something like a CF drive is not a bad idea at all. These samplers once cost thousands for dollars. You can have them for a fraction now. Their sound didn’t degraded over the years at all.

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