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Moog Voyager O.S. Mods (PWM, filter poles)


After hearing Moog filter in two pole configuration, while working on one Voyager Performer, i KNEW i need to get this filter configuration possible on my Old School edition. It simply sounds stunning, particularly when using the filter as an instrument on its own. Not only the modification gives you 2 pole edition, but it also provides 1 pole and 3 pole, along with default 4 pole. Essentially it is a switch that gives you selection of a: 1 pole, 2 pole, 3 pole and 4 pole filter configuration.

And then there was another feature that i always wanted to have on Voyager, which doesn’t exist in neither Performer and Old School edition and that is PWM disable switch. Some may ask, why would you want to disable the PWM? The answer is: sub oscillator! (emulation of sub osc, to be precise). Ever wanted SH-101 style bassline out of your Voyager. You can now! Finally and at last! What this mod does is it prevents one VCO to receive PWM. Since the modification goes via switch, it means that at any point you can return the unit to original, non modified state!

One thing i beg you, PLEASE DO NOT drill the front panel on the unit when doing these mods! I have seen someone doing that to CS-15 while performing my CS-15 mods and the result was horrid ruin of something that was once a beautiful synth. I have specified exact location on the back where you can can install both of the switches, so please, place them there! The manual includes diagrams and pictures. Even if you are a novice level, you can do it – assuming you know how to desolder ICs (two ICs need to be desoldered, and IC sockets have to be placed there).

Modification manual is available here: Voyager OS Mods.pdf (right click, Save as…)